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Good Day Bad Day
20" Tall

Hooked Rug Pattern: Good Day Bad Day

Hooked Doll_Good Day Hooked Doll_Bad Day

 Hooked by Martha Reeder

Hooked Doll - Good Day Hooked Doll - Bad Day

Hooked by Jane N. Gray

Hooked Doll: Good Day Hooked Doll - Bad Day


Hooked Tote: Good Day Hooked Tote: Bad Day
Hooked by Pat Pfaff
Made into a tote by Nola Heidbreder


Hooked Doll- Good Day

Hooked Doll - Bad Day
Hooked by Yvonne Hynes

OK.  So probably most people around you can tell which one you're having.  But if you want to signal your mood with no room for doubt, here's the doll for you.

Hook the bad day girl, with her stringy hair, droopy socks, and we won't even mention what else is adroop.  Hook the good day girl, with her perky smile and her perky--well...

Sew 'em back to back and all you have to do is position her correctly to let your loved ones know whether to cuddle up or stay a room away.

Monk's Cloth $35

Linen $45


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