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Monday Monday
24" w x 40" h

Rug Pattern - Monday MondayHooked Rug - Monday Monday
                                         Hooked by Martha Reeder

Hooked Rug - Monday Monday    Hooked RUg - Monday Monday
Hooked by Denise Render            Hooked by Anne Weir

Hooked Rug: Monday Monday    Hooked Rug: Monday Monday
Hooked by Annette Homberger                      Hooked by Sheila Gahr

Our very first design, and one of our most popular.

The clothes just beg you to go a little nuts.  Striped socks.  Polka-dot boxers.  Flowered dresses.  Colors as garish as the 1970s.  Colors that remind you of your favorite little dress.

Just don't make le chat chartreuse.

Monk's Cloth  $58

Linen  $81

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