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Tummy Ache
32" w x 24" h
Rug Pattern - Tummy Ache

Hooked by Martha Reeder
Hooked Rug: Tummy Ache
Hooked by Virginia Arnold

Hooked by Beth Mundell (with her son's favorite candies)
Hooked by Marcye Gough
Penny candy.  Probably not a penny any more, but we'll shell out whatever it costs to partake of this sweet nostalgia.
A multi-colored whirly pop.  Pastel Smarties.  Assorted DumDums.  Starlight mints--red for peppermint, blue for wintergreen, or green for spearmint.  Atomic fireballs.  Candy corn.  Candy buttons in yellow, green and pink (even the paper tasted good).  And how about all those gum drops around the border?
Better do some research at the candy store.

Monk's Cloth  $60

Linen  $84

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