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GoingGray gives you the means to dream up your own rug, for you or for someone really special.

A custom rug can be a scene, a timeline, a person, a mix of items that you love--whatever you imagine it to be.  And there will never be another like it, anywhere.


    Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Martha Reeder

Here's an example.  Our house on the lake, complete with sailboat and poodle, designed by Liz and hooked by Martha as a special gift to our parents. 

Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Jackie Albrecht

This charming farm scene was a collection of childhood memories, from the mischievous pony that "helped with the laundry to the baby ducks that floated on a shingle in the make-shift pool.  It's one of our very favorites.

Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Diane Luszcz - A Celebrations winner!

This rug was commissioned as a wonderful remembrances of a special house and a special little dog.  We even moved a tree a bit so you could see the front porch.  Don't try that in real life!

Hooked Rug: Corwith
Hooked by Katheryn Quebe

This rug hangs in the Community Center in the town of Corwith, Iowa.  It shows all the things that identify the small farming community, from its iconic water tower to the surrounding farms.  All the residents love it.

Custom Rug - Briggs Sailboat
Hooked by Lynn Ashworth

The launch of a the family sailboat was captured in a watercolor painting that became a gift from an artist son to his father.  The artist's mother translated the watercolor into a "fiber painting" for her son.  How perfect.



Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Susan Barrett

Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Susan Braun

New grandchild here or on the way?  Here's a way to make a memory for a little one.

Hooked by Jan DeLong

Commemorate special moments in your life or the life of someone you love.

Custom Rug - Howard

A very sweet daughter hooked this rug for her father's 90th birthday.  Her dad takes great pride in caring for the gardens in his retirement community.  And he loves his red suspenders. 

Custom Hooked Rug - Lake Wisotta
This rug is a depiction of a favorite summer cabin in Wisconsin, complete with fall color, a path to the fishing dock, and the biplane that buzzes the lake.

Hooked Rug - Custom Design
Hooked by Martha Reeder

This rug shows Martha's daughter at age 3.  We started from a photograph.  A perfect way to keep your little (or big) one perpetually perfect. 

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