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Who Do Voodoo
20" Tall

Doll Pattern - Who Do VoodooHooked Doll - Who Do Voodoo
                                     Hooked by Martha Reeder
Hooked Doll - Who Do Voudou
        M'Liz, hooked by Martha Reeder on commission. 
Now we don't want to take any undue credit, but within days of taking possession of M'Liz, her new owner was proposed to by her long-time beau.  Hmmmmm.

Who do voodoo?  You do, of course.  And don't tell us that there isn't a certain someone you'd like to cast a little spell on, one way or another.

Jazz up the voodoo doll with strips of wool for hair, with buttons sewn onto its body, with sequins or beads.

Monk's Cloth $20

Linen  $27