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Cat Nap
28" w x 22" h

Rug Pattern - Cat Nap

Hooked Rug - Cat Nap
Boo Boo, hooked by Mary Ann Clifford

Hooked Rug - Cat Nap
Hooked by Pat Cutter

Hooked Rug - Cat Nap
Hooked by Betty Chaffee

Do cats actually sleep 18 hours a day or does it just seem that way?  And how do they always find that particular sunbeam (the one that illuminates all the hair and dust)? 

Here's a chance to capture your favorite kitty in its favorite pose.  Make it a purebred or of uncertain ancestry.  Make it a longhair or a shorthair.  The dye's the limit.

Oh, and have some fun with the light pattern on some really wild wallpaper!  Or put an Oriental under your Siamese.

Monk's Cloth  $45

Linen  $63

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