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Got Milk?
56" w x 24" h
Got Less Milk?
36" w x 15"h

Rug Pattern - Got Milk

Hooked Rug - Got Milk?
Hooked by Katheryn Quebe

Hooked Rug:  Got Milk?
Hooked by Yvonne Hynes

Hooked Rug - Got Milk?
Hooked by Helen Wilson

Hooked Rug - Got Milk
Hooked by Marlys Brooks

An udderly delightful runner.  Perfect for a Wisconsin farmhouse.  Equally perfect for a Minnesota mansion.

A red barn with a silver roof.  Black and white cows.  Green rolling hills.  Or maybe amber waves of grain.  And is that the sun or the moon coming up?  Your choice.  Those cows have to be milked both times.

Monk's Cloth  $60

Linen  $84

Less Milk - Monk's Cloth  $48

Less Milk - Linen  $67

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