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Dutch Treat
27" w x 12" h

Hooke Rug Pattern - Dutch Treat

Hooked Runner - Dutch Treat
Hooked by Jane N. Gray

Hooked Runner - Dutch Treat
Hooked by Gretchen Olson

Hooked Rug: Dutch Treat
Hooked by Jill Caudill

Hooked Rug - Dutch Treat
Hooked by Cinda Peterson

Hooked Rug - Dutcch Treat
Hooked by Sherry Nelson

Tulips.  Without a doubt one of the best things about spring.  You just can't resist bringing a few into the house and if the only thing you have to plunk them in is a good old Mason jar, well, so much the better. No la-di-da vase can outdo these beauties.

Holland (The Netherlands or Michigan) has provided you with an unlimited palette.  Happy picking!

Monk's Cloth  $26

Linen  $34