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Wool Gathering
32" w x 22" h

Rug Pattern - Wool Gathering

Hooked Rug - Wool Gathering
Hooked by Jane N. Gray

Hooked Rug - Wool Gathering
Hooked by Dodie Colberg
(who changed the wool bins to book shelves and created a wonderful library)

Look familiar?  It's every hooking retreat you've ever been to.  You just can't resist more wool.  And you're quite willing to crawl around on the floor, envisioning just how it will look in your latest creation.

Here's a chance to use up all those scraps of wool that have been multiplying like rabbits in your own personal wool stash.  Just use them to color all the bolts in all the fabric bins.

Then you can go gather some more!

Monk's Cloth  $52

Linen  $73