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     What's New

New Patterns for 2018

Glass Forest

Patterned Pines

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Surf's Up

Day of the Dead
Sugar Skull Pillow - Fernando
Day of the Dead
Sugar Skull Pillow - Francesca

Tree Truck

And we are introducing a new series
"Just Sayin'"
Rugs that Remind

A Closed Mouth

A Word to the Wise

Buy the Shoes

Instant Gratification
Important News about Works in Wood 
After 13 years--and 408 frames, 134 caddies, and 91 floor stands--the GoingGray woodworker is retiring.  Mostly. He's still planning on making rug hangers.  As of now (11/16/18) we have no more frames, only one floor stand and three caddies available for sale. When these are gone, there will be no more.  We thank all of you who have purchased these and know they will continue to serve you well.
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 Email Addresses
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Beeline Art Tools Available through GoingGray

We carry the complete Beeline Art Tool line at the studio.  It's simply the finest cutter on the market today.

Just Finished

These patterns have been completed recently and shared with us.  Send us your completed GoingGray rugs and we'll put them on the web for all the world to see.  (Helpful hints on photography below.)

Dancing Skeletons
Hooked by Martha Reeder
Winter Girlfriends
Hooked by Martha Reeder

Here Comes the Sun
Hooked by Martha Reeder

Road Runners
Hooked by Kay Beardsley

Vegetable Vivaldi
Hooked by Cheryl Bell
Ditch Flowers
Hooked by Jackie Vandenberg
Pretty Boys
Hooked by Jackie Vandenberg
Flip Flop Fling
Hooked by Jennifer Heintz
Ditch Flowers
Sherry Nelson
Wild Flowers
Hooked by Martha Reeder

Old MacDonald
Hooked by Sallie Skinner

Cat Nap
Hooked by Betty Chaffee
Sail Fish
Hooked by Betty Chaffee

Monarchs and Milkweed
Hooked by Martha Reeder

Horse Play
Hooked by Ron Salts

Book Nook
Susan Cooper

Cats Pajamas
Hooked by Pat Ballinger

Flip Flop Fling
Hooked by Gail Metcalfe
Flamingo Fandango
Hooked by Barbara Tattersall

Hooked by Martha Reeder

Rainy Day
Hooked by Marne Close

Summer Girlfriends
Gretchen Olson

Wnter Girlfriends
Gretchen Olson
Flower Shower
Hooked by Martha Reeder
For the Birds - Bluebird
Hooked by Martha Reeder

For the Birds - Red-Headed Woodpecker
Hooked by Martha Reeder

For the Birds - Flicker
Hooked by Martha Reeder
For the Birds - Hummingbird
Hooked by Suzette DeLong

For The Birds - Cardinal
Hooked by Sandy Nilsson
Sweater Girl
Hooked by Pat Tucker
Hooked by David Osborne

Flower Shower
Hooked by Virginia Arnold
Three Jars Full
Hooked by Virginia Arnold
Fly By
Hooked by Nancy Schmidt
Hide and Seek - Coon in Corn
Hooked by Carolyn Cooke
Basting Beauties
Hooked by Carolyn Cooke
Trains, Planes and Automobiles
Hooked by Carolyn Cooke
Hooked by Carolyn Cooke

Book Nook
Hooked by Mary Lou Sherrerd

Dutch Treat
Hooked by Sherry Nelson

Tree Topper
Hooked by Gretchen Olson
Holiday Lights
Hooked by Martha Reeder
Holiday Lights
Hooked by Gretchen Olson


Hook-Ins and Retreats

The little GoingGray trailer is hitting the road. 
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Let us know if you want us to bring a pattern
or work in wood  to a particular hook-in.

Stillwater Hook-In

Here's our 2018 vending schedule:

March 22-24, 2018 Spring Retreat - Assisi Heights
Rochester, MN
April 13-14, 2018 Spring Vendor Show and Hook-In
Owatonna, MN
October 6, 2018 Autumn Valley Hook-In
Stillwater, MN 

Want Your Rug on our Website?

We love to show completed GoingGray patterns on our site.  If you'd like us to post your rug, email us a photo.  Some hints on photographing your hooked rug:
  • Take the photo outside on a cloudy day.  The sky overhead provides even lighting.
  • Lay the rug flat on an even surface.  Make sure the edges are as straight as possible.
  • Ideally, you'll position the camera over the center of the rug.  You can simply stand over it, or you can use use a stepladder or step stool.  Be sure to elevate yourself SAFELY on firm and secure footing.
  • Square up the rug in the viewfinder.
  • Take two or three shots.  Send the best or send them all.
  • Resolution is not critical, but we like a photo around 1 MG.