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Rug Hangers

GoingGray rug hangers are available in most species of wood and a variety of stains, milk paints or natural finishes. All painted hangers are made of ash.

The price list below is valid for standard-length rug hangers.  Prices do not include shipping and handling, which is added for each hanger as they ship separately. This charge will be added when you check out.

Type A Woods
Type B Woods

Available Stains

  • Ash
  • Red Oak


  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Quarter-sawn
    Red or White Oak
  • Purpleheart
  • Walnut
  • Ebony stain over Ash
  • Medium stain over Red Oak
  • Dark Stain over Red Oak

Click here for milk paint colors
For two-color painted hangers, chose a main color (which will predominate) and a secondary color (which will peek through). 
Our most popular hanger, for instance, is Pitch Black over Barn Red.


Please indicate the WOOD TYPE, STAIN TYPE or PAINT COLOR(S) you want by following this procedure:
(1) Click ADD below the hanger you want to purchase;
(2) Review your purchase in your PayPal shopping cart;
(3) Continue shopping or check out;
(4) Upon checking out, the "Review Your Payment" screen will show your purchases.  Under your shipping address you will see "Note to Seller."  Click "Add."
(5) In the box which appears, write in the wood type, stain type, or paint colors you want.  If you order more than one hanger, be sure to let us know which hanger is what type or color.
(6) Alternately, email your choice of paint or stain to martha.goinggray@gmail.com   


Wood Type A

Wood Type B



Oak Stain
One Color
Milk Paint

Ebony Stain
wo Color
Milk Paint


Oak Stain












































Custom Orders

GoingGray rug hangers can be made in custom lengths, in special woods, or modified to work with a quilt, a woven rug, or a textile wall hanging.

Contact jerry.goinggray@gmail.com to discuss modifications before you order.

Here is how we calculate charges for customization.

For custom lengths:
We'll have you order the closest standard size smaller than the one you desire.  We'll then send you a request for the additional charges (via PayPal if you are ordering on the web).  We charge $1.25 for each inch we add plus a $15.00 custom order charge.  For custom sizes 54"-72," the custom order charge increases to $25.00.  For custom sizes over 72" the custom order charge is $40.00.  Maximum lengths may be determined by post office or shipper limitations.

For custom woods:
If you desire woods not listed or special figured woods (like curly or birds-eye maple or flame birch), please call.  These woods are not always available from suppliers.  Prices will vary but our charges will usually run around $2.00 per finished inch plus a custom order charge. 
Given enough time, our rug hangers are available in almost any wood or figure available in North America – imported or native.

For questions or to place a custom order, please call 608-624-3600 or email jerry.goinggray@gmail.com

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