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Our master carpenter has come up with a unique hanger for hand-hooked rugs that offers advantages over most hangers on the market.  First, it is a non-compression design that prevents the crushing of the fibers of the rug.  Second, it distributes the weight of the rug over its entire width instead of just a few points.  Third, there are no visible fasteners.  And fourth, the rug can be removed from the wall for horizontal viewing and replaced and repositioned with ease.  Pretty smart guy, isn't he?

Hangers are available in many types of natural wood and many colors of milk paint.  We recommend a length that is a couple of inches longer than the width of your rug.

If our standard lengths aren't just right, we can customize a hanger to fit your masterpiece.  Our hangers can also be customized to hold quilts and other woven or knotted rugs.  Contact jerry.goinggray@gmail.com.

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